Audit Services

  • Maturity Assessments
  • Supplier Assessments
  • Internal Audits
  • External Reviews

At CyberHub, we believe strong auditing is vital to ensuring your company stays protected. Security audits are one of the most fundamental ways of identifying the risks to any business, are crucial to the effective management of an organisation and are a great acid test to check that your risk management and risks assessments are on the right track.

If you don’t have the skills expertise or resources in house or just don’t know where to begin then we can offer you one of our risk based audit solutions

Maturity Assessment

Organisations starting their security journey are unsure of where to begin. They seek a rational starting point with a view to to have a practical roadmap of what, when and how to start

CyberHub leads with a “standard-agnostic, business-driven” approach – focusing on key concerns and detailing them into a security strategy
That strategy is used as the baseline of the maturity assessment – we measure how mature you are against a criteria that’s relevant to you
Provide a roadmap, as well as commentary on which standards will complement organisation’s direction

Supplier Assessments

Third-party risks have become a major factor for security breaches•Third-party due diligence is inconsistent and doesn’t cover security adequately

CyberHub takes the responsibility of delivering third-party risk reduction outcomes
Periodic (monthly/quarterly/etc.)assessments conducted on your behalf
Operational and executive reporting provided that is ready for circulation and presentation

Internal Audits

Most security frameworks push for organisations to conduct an internal audit as part of assurance activities

CyberHub builds out an internal auditprogram and framework allowing non-security staff to conduct internal audits
We build a post audit, or corrective action management framework that allows organisations to demonstrate their capability at finding and remediating issues

External Reviews

Organisations’ external stakeholders require assurance beyond an internal audit that provides an independent review of the security management program

CyberHub conducts the external review against multiple criteria, including security standards as well as legislative or contractual obligations
The report is provided in the form of an independent review which can be shared with external stakeholders

Cyber Security audits are a valuable tool for organisations that have not yet documented their internal and external risks and vulnerabilities. It is also useful for expanding businesses that are implementing various software and security controls. We can pinpoint weaknesses and gaps in your infrastructure and test to see if the cybersecurity safeguards in place are up to scratch.