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Our mission is to help our customers build cyber resilience, develop strategies to defend against cyber-attacks and provide GRC automation to achieve effective security posture. We are a cybersecurity and artificial intelligence service provider who provides systematic, predictable and easy to manage solutions.

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With industry-leading threat detection technology, 24×7 managed cyber security services provider

Audit Services

We assess the maturity of your cybersecurity program, or that of your suppliers to provide holistic reporting that can be used for reporting conformance to internal and external stakeholders.

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Advisory Services

We are here to help build governance, risk, and compliance into your cybersecurity program, ensuring that you are protected at all times so you can focus on your business.

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Assurance Services

We are a one-stop-shop for Web Application, Network, Wireless, Blockchain, Smart Contracts, and Cloud Security Testing, and effective IT and Digital Security services that you can rely on.

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Awareness Services

We build and run educational activities that raise the awareness of cyber threats and artificial intelligence across your organisation.

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Our highly effective Network Security Testing is a crucial part of our security assurance services with pen testing AI solutions helping companies with their cyber security issues.

We can improve your protection and investment, delivering business benefits and protection against cyber-attacks.

Our Pen Testers are trained to approach our engagements with the mindset of a cyber-criminal, to target your systems, and identify both known and unknown vulnerabilities.

Complete post-test care for effective risk remediation
A deep understanding of how hackers operate
Use of award-winning offensive security technology
In-depth threat analysis and advice you can trust


Business growth, digitalisation and the evolving threat landscape create constant security challenges for your organisation. CyberHUB’s Vulnerability Assessment service helps you to respond by identifying, classifying and addressing security risks and providing the ongoing support and guidance to best mitigate them.

Gain help with identifying the systems, applications and data at greatest risk of being targeted.
Understand which cyber security risks require the most attention and receive actionable guidance to best mitigate them.
Benefit from a review of how well your internal and external defences detect, limit and withstand the latest threats.
Receive recommendations that will help secure your organisation now and in the future.


Phishing is a type of social engineering attack where an attacker will imitate a legitimate person or business to trick the victim to open an email. The email could contain malware or a link to a login page to steal the victims login details. Phishing emails are becoming a huge problem for people at home and at work.

Understand how a phishing attack can compromise your organisation
Build the right cybersecurity and awareness culture within your organisation
Avoid costly data breaches, fines and irreparable reputational damage associated with phishing attacks
Compliance with local legislation
Test the effectiveness of log management and correlation tools
Give customers the confidence they need


Web Application Security Testing service enables clients to identify vulnerabilities and safeguard against threats, by identifying technical and logical weaknesses such as SQL injections, cross-site scripting, I/O data validation and exception management.

Early detection of web vulnerabilities before an attack is made.
Prioritised remediation and bug fixing to maximize time to remedy challenges.
High quality security testing by qualified and experienced security testers.
Reduce attack exposure by testing web applications for sophisticated known and unknown threats.

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